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The Four Seasons

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Introducing Flavors From Japan by Japan Culinary Treasures

We have searched all over Japan to find interesting flavors and combined them in seasoning mixes like nothing you’ve ever tasted before. These aren’t just Japanese spice mixes, these are true Japanese flavors combined in new and exciting ways. More than just a spice for use with Japanese foods, these seasonings let you add a dash of flavors unique to Japan to make your dishes stand out from the crowd. These can be used in any type of cooking to pump up the flavor, soon you’ll find that these seasonings make up your secret ingredient in many of your favorite recipes. 

Japan Culinary Treasures has developed these flavorings in our own test kitchen. We create new flavors by carefully blending and balancing the best Japanese seasonings we can get our hands on to create a Western style mix with an indisputable Japanese base. 

Each mix starts with Okinawan Sea Salt, we chose a salt made by pumping sea water from a depth of 2000 meters off the coast of the small fishing town of Itoman. That water is then boiled over open flames in iron kettles is a salt making process known as the Hiragama method. The result is light flaky salt with a soft flavor which compliments our flavorings without overpowering them. 

The Four Seasons:

As inspirations we’ve used Japan’s four seasons to come up with four different seasonings. Of course you can use each of these all year round! 


 The citrusy flavors of Yuzu take the lead in this seasoning. For a spicy finish we’ve included just a touch of Sansho (Japanese pepper) and balanced it out with a splash of powdered Rice Vinegar. Spring makes a great seasoning for salads, pasta with olive oil, and all kinds of seafood. 


Summer is a bold mix of sweetness and heat, we’ve combined the amazing taste of Japanese Peaches with local Togarashi (chilli) flakes for a taste that flashes like a fireworks matsuri! For depth we’ve added a touch of Kombu and Soy Sauce Powder. This makes for a great general spice to use on the barbecue or even a topping for your favorite dessert... if you are bold enough.


We’ve made a rich and earthy flavoring that showcases the taste of real Shiitake mushroom and Japanese Chestnut. For a hint of sweetness we’ve used powdered Kyoho Grape and then finished it all off with Yuzu and Sansho. Mix this seasoning with butter for a unique spread, add it to all kinds of sauces to add punch.


Umami is the theme of our Winter seasoning. The highlight is powdered Hatcho Miso with a little bit of Kombu to round it off. This is the spiciest mix in the set with plenty of Japanese Togarashi flakes for heat, finally we use a touch of powdered Rice Vinegar to balance everything out. Use this flavoring on meats of all kinds, in soups, and in any dish that needs a kick!

Brand: Japan Culinary Treasures

Type: Four Seasons Seasoning

Individual Package Size: 4 bottles

Quantity per carton: 6 sets

Cases per pallet:  60

Ingredients: Spring (Okinawa Sea Salt, Yuzu Flake, Yuzu Powder, Komezu, Sansho) Summer (Okinawa Sea Salt, Peach Powder, Togarashi, Kombu, Soy Sauce Powder) Autumn (Okinawa Sea Salt, Shiitake, Yuzu Flake, Kyoho Grape Powder, Chestnut Powder, Sansho) Winter (Okinawa Sea Salt, Hatcho Miso Powder, Togarashi, Kombu, Komezu)

Allergen info:

Shelf Life: 12 months

Private Labeling: Yes

Other Notes: These are all natural products with no extenders or artificial ingredients, due to this some mixes may experience caking in transit. The bottles are wide mouth by design so that customers can easily break up any clumping.

Pricing is ExWorks factory in Japan. Exchange rate used is 110 Yen per US Dollar. Contact us for Shipping quotation to port of your choice. 

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