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Momoenami - Salt of Endless Waves

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This is the world’s best finishing salt. We’ve searched the seas of Japan for the best salts, all from craftsmen using traditional methods dating back thousands of years. We’ve carefully balanced our blend taking into account texture, grain size, and taste to create a mixture that is greater than the sum of its parts. On the palate, Momoenami combines bitter, sweet, and umami to invoke a wide range of complex flavors. The variety of grain sizes dissolve at different rates for a full mouth-feel from start to finish. Not only is it the best tasting salt you will ever try, it will accent and improve your dishes like no other finishing salt. 

Japan, with over 6,800 islands, is kissed by waves from all directions. Each area has different temperatures, marine life, and mineral content making for truly unique salts. Salt making in Japan is an ancient art with marked regional differences, improved by masters over the milenia to bring out the best qualities of their local sea salt.  

Salts in our Blend:

Each of our salts brings the unique flavor of the original sea.

五島灘 Goto Nada Sea - Off the coast of Kyushu, this salt is crafted on the island of Kakinoura. With often stormy seas, salt from this area is super soft on the palate and rich with minerals.

瀬戸内海 Seto Inland Sea - Hemmed in by the islands of Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu, this sea is dotted with islands known for calm waters and white sandy beaches.  Our salt from here is bright pink in color from the use of dried seaweed in the first stage of production.

日本海 Sea of Japan - Off the Western coast, the Sea of Japan is known for cold waters, great seafood, and very pure salt. This salt from Niigata is made using an ancient method to grow very light and fluffy crystals with a bit of sweetness, similar to the French Fleur de sel

太平洋 Taiheiyo - Ooshima island with its active volcano lies off the coast of the Izu Peninsula and is surrounded by astoundingly blue waters. The coarse and crunchy crystals produced here have a distinctly umami flavor.

About our Name:

百重波, Momoenami - Literally 百(hundred) 重(layers) 波(waves), evokes the image of endless waves stretching to the horizon. Momoenami is an expression taken from the Manyoshu, Japan’s oldest surviving collection of poetry which dates from the Nara Period of sometime around 759 C.E.. This was a time of flourishing arts, culture, and literature mostly centered around the Imperial capital in Nara. Throughout Japan’s history the sea has been a focal point for food, travel, and livelihood and Momoenami is about the importance of being in harmony with her waves.


Brand: Japan Culinary Treasures

Type: Japanese Sea Salts

Individual Package Size: 265g (net weight 240g)

Quantity per carton: 

Cases per pallet:  

Ingredients: Seawater, seaweed extract, Iron ammonium citrate

Allergen info:

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Private Labeling: Yes

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