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Maruya brand Hatcho Miso.

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  MAKER: Maruya Miso KK.
Established in 1337 (!!), Maruya still makes their Miso in traditional giant wooden barrels.

Brand: Maruya Hatcho Miso

Type: Miso 

Price Unit: Price for 1 carton

Individual Package Size: 300g

Quantity per carton: 8 cups

Cases per pallet:  

Ingredients: Soybeans, Salt    

Allergen Info: Soybeans

Shelf Life: 18 months

Presence of GMO: <5%

Private Labeling: Available

Other Notes: Contact us for quotes for larger quantities

Pricing is ExWorks factory in Japan. Exchange rate used is 110 Yen per US Dollar. Contact us for Shipping quotation to port of your choice.