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Chestnut Powder

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Japanese chestnut powder. Autumn in Japan would not be complete without roasted chestnuts, during the season chestnut flavored sweets pack the shelves. Our flavorings are 100% natural with no artificial colors, just pure, concentrated taste. Because of the high concentration, this flavoring can be used sparingly for excellent cost performance in any of your recipes.

Powdered chestnut is great for all kinds of confectionaries it also makes a nice flavor accent when you need a little earthy sweetness. 

The manufacturer, based in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, is the market leader in spray dried flavorings. In business since 1954, they hold the following certifications: ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, FSSC22000

Brand: Japan Culinary Treasures

Type: Japanese Chestnut Spray Dried Flavoring

Individual Package Size: 1 kg, or 5 kg

Quantity per carton: (1 kg X 10), (5 kg X 4)

Cases per pallet:  

Ingredients: Chestnut Paste (Chestnut, Sugar), Dextrin

Allergen info: 

Shelf Life: 24 months

Presence of GMO: 

Private Labeling: Available

Other Notes: 

Pricing is ExWorks factory in Japan. Exchange rate used is 110 Yen per US Dollar. Contact us for Shipping quotation to port of your choice.