September 2019, FHT Report - Bangkok, Thailand

September 2019, FHT Report - Bangkok, Thailand. Food & Hotel Thailand is one of the premier trade shows in Thailand for the food and beverage industry, the J2U team attended to evaluate the show for future exhibits and to meet with importers and distributors.

2019年9月 FHT見本市  <バンコク/タイ>。フード&ホテル・タイランドは、飲食料品業界向けにタイで行われる最大の見本市のひとつです。J2Uチームは、今後の展示会を見据え、輸入業者や流通業者とお会いしました。

Market Intelligence: The Thai market is a fully developed market for Japanese foods, meaning not only are there all types of Japanese restaurants and shopping outlets, but Japanese products fill the shelves of regular Thai supermarkets as well. For large brands, there is probably not a lot of room for growth except at the expense of competitors.

There are still plenty of niche markets available for Japanese food exporters. Distributors we spoke with were keen to get their hands on high-quality regional delicacies. There is also opportunity in the natural and health food categories, especially for organic products.



FHT Report - Bangkok, Thailand

FHT Report - Bangkok, Thailand

FHT Report - Bangkok, Thailand

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