October 2019, Sushi Festival Report - Cologne, Germany

October 2019, Sushi Festival Report - Cologne, Germany. With the rise in popularity of all things Japanese, an events group in Germany has been holding Sushi Festivals. J2U attended their second annual festival in Cologne, a two-day event that featured various stalls selling Japanese food and drink, a stage for performances of things like Taiko and Shamisen, and various workshops and presentations on the art of sushi. The festival was very popular with advance sales of over 3000 tickets and a roughly equal number of walk-ins over the two-day event.

2019年10月  スシ フェスティバル  <ドイツ/ケルン>。あらゆる日本製品に人気が高まる中、ドイツのイベントグループがスシ フェスティバルを開催しており、毎年2日間ケルンで開かれるフェスティバルにJ2Uは参加しました。今年で2度目となるこのフェスティバルでは日本の飲食品を売る各種の露天、ステージでは太鼓や三味線の演奏、寿司の技術に関するプレゼンテーションやワークショップが催されました。前売りチケットは3,000枚を超え、当日券もほぼ同数にあたるひじょうに人気の高いフェスティバルでした。

Alongside traditional-style sushi and sashimi offerings, local chefs presented a variety of “wild” types of sushi that would probably raise eyebrows in Japan. Sushi-donuts, sushi burgers, and “Samurai” sushi were all on-hand.  Whether or not these variations are really sushi, or even actually Japanese food at all is a debate best left to others. But it is undeniable that the inspiration and the embrace of Japanese food and culture is real. 


J2U’s President, Jason Morgan; along with our German partner, Ulf Tassilo Muench; gave stage presentations each day on the background of Japanese food culture and current trends. J2U’s products were also used to create dishes at the event with our foaming soy sauce and seasoning mixes used to accent the best selling chirashi-zushi. Additionally, celebrity chef and journalist Dirk Hoffman brought his TV crew through the event and featured J2U’s products!

J2U社長 Jason Morganは、ドイツ協賛者Ulf Tassilo Muenchとともに、日本食文化の背景と最新トレンドについて連日ステージに上がってプレゼンしました。また、ベストセラーのちらし寿司を引き立てる泡醤油や調味料ミックスのイベントで、J2Uの製品が創造的な料理に使われました。さらに有名シェフでジャーナリストのDirk Hoffman率いるテレビ取材がイベントを通して行われ、J2Uの製品が特集されました!

Sushi Festival Report - Cologne, Germany

Sushi Festival Report - Cologne, Germany

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