October 2019, ANUGA Report, Cologne Germany

ANUGA is the world’s largest trade fair for food and beverages and J2U attended to observe market trends in preparation for exhibiting next year. Through JETRO, Japanese foods were heavily represented with three pavilions - one for general foods, one for tea, and one for beef. 

2019年10月  ANUGA 見本市 <ドイツ/ケルン>。アヌーガ世界食品メッセは、飲食品業界最大の見本市です。J2Uは来年の準備に向けて市場動向の視察に行ってきました。JETROを介し、日本の食品は、一般食品、茶、牛肉の3つのパビリオンでたくさん展示されていました。

Market Analysis: While Japan has a wonderful selection of products for export, an enviable reputation for quality, and stunning demand, it falls behind in presentation and marketing expertise. The gold-standard for pavilions at international trade shows is always the Italians. Italy always uses a well thought out design that is open and inviting.  All the exhibits are tied together by a common theme but at the same time the unique selling proposition of each booth clear. In contrast, Japan’s booths are cramped and look thrown together. Aside from the products being “Made in Japan”, there is little that makes them stand out in what is becoming an increasingly crowded marketplace. 

J2U met with many importers, distributors, and chefs in Germany and there was a common message from all of them - “please get us high-quality Japanese goods”. While the German market is very developed in terms of accessibility to basic Japanese foods, there is an increasing demand for authentic and craft goods rather than mass-produced. 


J2Uは、ドイツの多くの輸入業者、販売業者、シェフと面会し、共通のメッセージを得ました。それは 「品質の高い日本製品を買いたいです」。 ドイツはベーシックな日本食品の購入においてはひじょうに発展した市場です。その一方で、大量生産よりも正真正銘の手作り品への需要が高まっています。

October 2019, ANUGA Report, Cologne Germany

October 2019, ANUGA Report, Cologne Germany

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