March 2019, INTERNORGA Report - Hamburg, Germany

March 2019, INTERNORGA Report - Hamburg, Germany. J2U International had an incredible debut at the INTERNORGA Food trade show in Hamburg, Germany. Since there was no Japanese pavilion, our booth represented the majority of Japanese products at the show. J2U displayed a sampled a wide variety of flavors, beverages, and market-ready products. The response was overwhelmingly positive and we were able to introduce many of our partner manufacturers to importers and distributors. 

2019年3月  INTERNORGA見本市  <ドイツ/ハンブルク>。J2U  インターナショナル株式会社は、ドイツ/ハンブルクで開催されましたインターノルガ食品見本市に初出展し盛況を得ました。唯一日本から出展しました弊社のブースでは多くの日本の製品を紹介し、加工食品、香味料、飲料水等バラエティに富んだサンプルを展示いたしました。これにより想像を超える前向きな反響を頂き、私どものパートナーであります製造者の方々へ海外の輸入業者・流通業者をご紹介することができました。

Market intelligence: The German market is very receptive to Japanese food products and also very developed in terms of supply. There is a network of importers in place that supply Japanese restaurants and retail outlets with traditional products. The unserviced niche is in supplying authentic Japanese ingredients to Western chefs who wish to add Japanese flair to their menus. 



INTERNORGA Hamburg, Germany

INTERNORGA Hamburg, Germany

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